See what's happening in Myanmar πŸ‡²πŸ‡²

Hello, I am Thiha Swan Htet, a fullstack developer based in Singapore πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬

Currently building Schedjuice, and NodeJS developer at Skubbs.

I am a 20-year-old self-taught programmer from Myanmar. My passion for data and automation drove me to become obsessed with programming. I enjoy creating apps that automate tedious tasks.

Apart from coding, I also have a personality. I love reading history (especially Burmese and Bronze Age Mesopotamian history), curating Spotify playlists, and playing grand strategy games (currently obsessed with Civ6).

Also, I hate ChatGPT.


Thiha Swan Htet

My girlfriend, Wine Su Waddy, is a full-time emotional support specialist for Thiha Swan Htet (me). Apart from her full-time job, she is also interning at Korea Development Bank, and a part-time English language teacher at Teacher Su International School (where I am also the Head of Technology).

She also enjoys eating (any food is fine as long as it is edible), ordering clothes online, taking photos of herself (90% of my iCloud storage is full of her photos), and yapping.


My girlfriend, Wine Su Waddy

I design scalable systems, take charge of the entire application stack, manage tech team, and assume overall leadership in all things technical at the company I co-founded.

I was a lead programmer/architect for SuConnect, an LMS for a local education institute, now used by over 10000 users.

I am the author of django-utilitas, a feature-rich Django package with many read-to-use classes.

I am extremely good at designing scalable, flexible and maintainable backend systems. My obsession with the DRY principle leads me to write very robust applications.

I am excellent in these technologies:

I study computer science because I want to know how things function. This constant pursuit of knowledge has lead me to tinker around with various technologies.

I have experimented with neural networks and machine learning technologies, worked with websockets for real-time applications, and created physics engines and various mini-games.